First though I slot my fretboards


Here is the setup I use for slotting

Here is the board that will be on the Reso build


This is slotted to a 25" scale

While having the saw out I decieded to slot another board for a later project

This is striped ebony slotted on a 25.5" scale

OK now onto the Radius part of this using the radius jig I built.


Here I have added two sided tape to the swing.

Now the fretboard is attached lining up the center line.

Sorry about the fuzziness:)

Again the board is now attached to the swing and ready to setup the jig.

The jig is ready to accept the swing.

But first some setup.

I have a spacer that I use down at the bottom for setting the height. One is for the swing arm the other for the pivots.

I have set the pivot center for this particular board at 16 and 1/16" , as it is 5/16" thick and I want 1/4" thickness as final

The extra 1/16" is to allow for final thicknessing passes.

Now I adjust the swing arm with the fretboard mounted to sit flat on the center spacer.
Here's a sideways shot of the fretboard resting flat on the spacer

Now time to insert the router ,

have mounted a 1/2" straight bit for this.

As you can see, ( I know alittle dark)

I have swung the arm back and raised the bit to just barely cacth the edge of the fretboard.

So here is what is the start of the first pass.

I start with the sled on the right and slowly pull the swingarm to me. after each pass I move the sled to the left approx 1/8" keep repeating the process until the other end is reached.


So here it is after the first pass. Now time to adjust again. The adjust will be to get the final thickness at center.

I measure the thickness of the board at this time and determine what I need as far as final adjustments in the bit height..


I then adjust the height of the bit to the correct thickness as I have allowed for an additional 1/16" on the setup at the begining.

This allows me to make the final router pass adjustment at the router.

So here's the board ready for markers and tapering then on for final sanding.